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Mokko, ChP

History of Enterprise Mokko, ChP

Strategy of activity of the Mokko company consists in observance of the basic principles of activity of our company thanks to which it is possible to achieve good results. These principles are: • Quality: The company cooperates with powerful European (Hungary, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, etc.) nurseries and producers of production on care of plants. It allows us quickly and to qualitatively carry out orders for every taste.

Openness: The Mokko company - the open company. We are always ready to provide necessary and actual market information and about our situation on it.

Efficiency: Thanks to a network of the acquired contacts our company carries out orders of clients in the shortest possible time.

Legislative activity: The company cares not only for the interests. By active lobbist work we try to simplify activity of the green market and to adapt the Ukrainian legislation for the European standards.

Goods of the company: agrofibre (spanbond), agrofabric (geofabric), packing fabric (a sacking, jute fabric), a grid pritenochny, (a pritenka, the shading grid), geotextiles, a front grid (a grid of the woods, a grid protective), a grid emergency, a grid polyethylene, a film, a film greenhouse, reinforced film, a film construction, a nonwoven cloth, a shpalerny grid, a grid plastic.



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